Reporting maintenance repairs

It is the tenants responsibility to ensure that any repair is reported to us. We politely request that unless it is an emergency that all minor repairs are reported to us by either email or our online portal. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. Should there be an emergency outside of working hours, then you would be required to either inform the emergency services if required or our out of hours team.


You have the right to have family and/or friends stay at the property. We usually advise that 14 days is a reasonable amount of time for this. It is against your tenancy agreement to allow any person(s) not mentioned on the tenancy agreement to stay for a prolonged period of time. Should there be an exceptional circumstance that requires this, then we would ask that you seek permission in writing, which we will forward onto the landlord for confirmation. Should this not be sanctioned by the landlord, then you are breaching your tenancy agreement by doing so.

Appliance manuals

Equinox Estates & Management always ensures that a folder is provided with all the necessary appliance manuals for each appliance. It is the responsibility of the tenant(s) to ensure that this remains in the property after you have vacated the property. We politely request that each tenant familiarises themselves, making sure that they use each appliance in accordance with the provided manuals.

Tenants responsibilities

Whilst we work very closely with the landlord to ensure that the tenancy is in accordance with legalisation, the tenant(s) are also responsible for ensuring the following;

– Taking good care of the property by ensuring that you have done everything possible to prevent serious issues such as; fire, leaks, intrusion and/or vandalism;

– Paying the agreed rent, which must be paid regardless of disputes and/or ongoing repairs;

– Ensuring that all utility bills are paid;

– Repairing any damage caused to the property and/or items provided by the landlord that are not considered general wear and tear;

– Not allowing any person(s) not mentioned on the tenancy agreement to stay within the property for a prolonged period of time without prior consent.

Tenancy Pack

A tenancy pack will be provided for you, which will include any certificates and important documents relating to the property. This must remain in the property at all times.


From time to time you may be required to provide access to either a member of the Equinox Estates & Management team, the landlord or contractors. Legally you must be provided with 24 hours written notice. Should we not be informed that we cannot access the property, then we would assume confirmation and access the property.
Please be advised that we would not provide you with notice should there be an emergency such as a fire and/or leak, where we would be forced to take keys and access the property. In such event then we would inform you immediately and ensure that we secure the property once the issue has been resolved.

Communal repairs

If you are renting a property that is in a block, then it is more than likely that we do not manage any areas outside of the property. This means that we would not be in charge of repairing or maintaining those areas. Should there be maintenance or cleaning issues that affect the property or affects you being able to access the property safely, then we would ask that you report it to us so that we can inform the necessary property managers of the block/site.


Before any changes are made to the property (e.g. painting walls, inserting nails) you must provide us in writing your intention to do so. We will then seek permission from the landlord, and once they have given us a decision, then we would inform you in writing so that there is written proof. Please be advised that any modifications that are not sanctioned by the landlord could affect your deposit.

Contact details

We always ask that whenever your contact details change, that we are notified straight away so that we can update our systems.