Property Inspections


Our fully managed service includes at no extra cost a quarterly inspection report.
A highly experienced property manager will every 3 months at the convenience of the tenant attend your property and will conduct an inspection.
The report will include 5 photographs (where possible) of each room along with any defects that may have occurred from the date of inventory. We will also look for any unreported maintenance issues that require attention, which if found will be addressed straight away.
Within the report, there will be 2 columns urgent and non-urgent.


This will detail any urgent maintenance issues that require immediate attention and a will include a brief estimate of potential costs that will be involved.


This will include all minor maintenance issues that will require attention in the future around 4 – 6 weeks before a tenancy ends, we will attend the property and will produce a report on any repairs that may be beneficial for the new tenancy. This will be accompanied with either a quote/estimate that we will provide you with a guideline of any potential costs.


We understand that the prospect of a property inspection may seem daunting and intrusive, but unlike a lot of other management companies, we have implemented processes to ensure that we are providing you with the best service.
Our aim is to conduct the inspection in a way that does not inconvenience you, and therefore offer the following;

– Evening appointments;

– Weekend appointments;

– Times that suit you.

Due to personal items being in the property, we would not be able to take keys and attend without you being present.