Deposit registration

As of 2017 where there is an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) the tenants deposit must be registered with a government backed tenancy deposit scheme. We can arrange for this for you at a set fee. Once registered, then we will provide you with confirmation.


Once we have paid you the rent, we will also issue you with a monthly statement which will include any deductions. We are also able to provide you with periodic statements at request.

Utilities and accounts

Once a tenant has moved into your property, we will inform all necessary utility companies of this.
We will provide them with the start and end of tenancy date. We will also submit the meter readings taken at check in along with the meter reading taken at check out.

Homecare plans

We always recommend using our contractors as they can attend a lot sooner and on nearly every occasion are able to repair the issue within the first visit. Should you wish to take out a homecare plan, then we would ask that you provide us with authority to act on your behalf, which we will do at no extra cost.

Personal contractors

Whilst we work with an excellent team of contractors, we understand that landlords like to on occasions use their own contractors. If you provide us with their details, then we can act on your behalf and liaise with them directly.

Tenancy pack

We ensure that the tenant(s) are provided with a tenancy pack. This will include the following;

– Gas certificates;

– Electrical certificates;

– Contact details;

– Advice on mould;

– Utilities;

– Alarms and codes;

– Their rights and responsibilities;

– Preventing fires;

– Preventing leaks;

– Advice on local police stations and hospitals

Quiet enjoyment

The tenant has the legal right to live within the property as if it is his or her home. The Landlord/Agent must seek the tenants permission before entering the premises. The law states that either you as the landlord or us as the agent have the legal right to enter the property at reasonable times of day to carry out any repairs and to inspect the condition and state of the repair of the property. We must however provide the tenant(s) with 24 hours notice, other than in an emergency.

Gas and electrical safety certificates

Once a gas safety and/or electrical safety inspection is completed, then we will chase the certificate. We always ensure to send a copy to you the landlord along with the tenant(s), along with keeping them on file for a minimum of 2 years. Should you choose to arrange the inspection yourself, then we ask that we have a copy of the relevant certificate within 7 working days of the inspection being completed.

Rent arrears

Ensuring on time payment of rent from the tenant(s) is one of our main priorities. In the unfortunate event that a tenant does not pay their rent on time, then we will start chasing payment. Once funds have been received, then we will give the tenant(s) an official warning. Should this happen a second time, then we will issue a standard late payment fee, 50% of which will go towards you as compensation. Should the tenant not pay their rent, then we will support you should you wish to proceed with legal action.